A Word from Ivor 

Thank you for visiting the Enablement Advisors website and for reading this.

Over the years, many people have asked me how and why I selected the security industry. It used to be difficult to answer but as time has progressed, the realization that my calling in life is to help people has become crystal clear. Whilst some are doctors or work in NGO's, my goal is to achieve this by enabling my clients, and their organizations to achieve what they need to do and reach their goals, in a safe, practical and secure way.

The specialists that I contract, and I, understand that for every client that selects Enablement Advisors, we are the last stop. We are the solution provider to their problem, and to us, each and every client is the most important and the only one.

This is why I have selected a boutique, specialist advisory service; to provide the personal touch to every service we provide, often resulting in long term relationships where we are privileged to be bestowed the role of trusted partner, enabling our clients' success and growth whilst ensuring their safety and security.

Please don't hesitate to contact me now for any enquiries.