Our Mission

To enable our clients to achieve their goals without hindrance resulting from risk or unnecessarily limiting security measures.

What is Enablement Advisors?

Managed by Ivor Terret, and supported by a small, highly experienced, specialized core team of specialists, Enablement Advisors is a boutique security consulting and advisory service serving corporations, family offices and governments.

Why Choose Enablement Advisors?

Over and above the years of experience in multiple verticals, the proven results, unmovable work ethic and impeccable integrity, at Enablement Advisors, you are, and will always be our most important client.

Who is Enablement Advisors?

General Manager

Ivor Terret

Ivor Terret, is currently based in Israel, where upon leaving national service in the Israel Defense force and Israeli Police he was selected to help found and architect a government Surveillance Detection and Covert Security Unit tasked with protecting Heads of State and Strategic Sites. Prior to joining the unit, Ivor was the first in South Africa to lead a security organization securing 60 medium to high risk faith related sites in Cape Town.

Ivor has designed and implemented security master plans for covert counter terror units, high-risk facilities, protective details and has consulted on a myriad of projects including mass transport hubs, business parks, hotels, residences, high risk facilities and factories.

Ivor brings over two decades of international counter terror experience at both the official and private sector levels including instructing hundreds of students from high-risk facility security teams, government covert VIP units, government Surveillance Detection units, hotel security senior management, aviation security personnel and senior management, specialized law enforcement and counter terror units as well as corporate EP and SD units.

Ivor met the stringent standards for teaching counter terror security procedures as set forth by the Israeli Police Force and has delivered counter terrorism focused security training to security forces working in high risk areas within Israel.

Ivor enjoys public speaking and has presented at London's Counter Terror Expo, numerous occasions at ASIS international conferences and regularly appears as a security expert on international news shows.

Ivor holds an MSc in Security and Risk Management from the University of Leicester where he was awarded the esteemed Dissertation of the Year Award for his research. Ivor is the elected Chairperson of the ASIS Israel Chapter for year 2016 and 2017.

Global Special ProjectS Lead

Shani G

After completing service as an officer in the Israel Defense Force, Shani was recruited into a classified operations unit of the Israeli General Security Service (GSS/Shin Bet) where she served in a covert field position and conducted a myriad of local and international operations over several years.  

Shani went on to join a covert protection and surveillance detection unit supporting diplomats and strategic facilities in Israel. During her time at the unit, Shani played a key role in updating unit procedures (routine and emergency) to be effective in mitigating risks from evolving threats, designing and delivering complex training programs, and active in field operations.

In addition to the aforementioned experience, Shani was awarded a BA degree in Islam and Arabic from world famous Bar Ilan University and brings a seldom found deep and broad understanding of highly specialized field operations, very strong team and unit design and management experience, combined with solid back office admin skills.


Director of North American Operations

Jerry Jacobs

Jerry has over 24 years of service with the largest state police organization in the United States, holding the rank of Lieutenant.  He most recently served as the Operations Officer and Deputy Commander of the Governor’s Protective Detail.  As such, Jerry has planned, led, and staffed protective operations worldwide, working closely with U.S. Embassy personnel, host nation groups, and foreign authorities. Prior to his assignment on the Governor’s Protective Detail he held positions as a SWAT team member, Computer Crimes Investigator, State Narcotics Agent, and narcotics detection canine handler.

Jerry is a graduate of the California Highway Patrol’s Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC), the U.S. Army Protective Services Course, U.S. Army Anti-Terrorism evasive drivers Course, the U.S. State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service Protective Services Course, numerous private sector protective operations courses, and is a graduate of multiple specialist courses delivered by Ivor Terret.

Jerry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and a Master of Business Administration in Management from California Coast University. He is a certified instructor for the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), having instructed courses in the Protection of Public Officials, Protective Services Driving, Highway Drug Interdiction, Surveillance, Search and Seizure, Police Canine handler selection and training, and the First Line Supervisor’s Academy. Jerry is an active member of the ASIS Executive Protection Council.

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